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Information for Content Creators.

Thanks for the work you do!

Without you, OnlySelects would not exist. Your importance to us cannot be overstated. Let us briefly share our story: was created by Spirit Agency, one of the best OnlyFans Agency in the world. We faced difficulties promoting our accounts, which led us to the idea of creating the first search engine for OnlyFans accounts. Our mission is to provide a platform where fans can easily find and connect with creators.

While we launched this project with good intentions, we understand that some individuals may not want to appear on our website. We want to assure everyone that we do not own the copyright to most of the photos on our site. We do not copy, download, or store this information on our servers. Instead, we simply link to the images on, where they are already available and accessible to anyone with internet.

The profile image that we display is visible to anyone who accesses This is similar to what Google does with images - we simply link to the public source where the images can be found. This is a legal practice and does not violate copyright.

If you do not want to appear on our website, please contact us and we will permanently delete your profile from We want to assure you that we do not have access to any non-public information and that we report any sites or groups offering leaks from Content Creators.